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NTH-Ranch - horses and more

NTH-Ranch - horses and more




3 thoughts on “– horses and more”

  1. Miss Simon sagt:

    Do you have any tennesse walking horses for sale ? I am in England, U.K. Thank you , miss Simon

    1. Tom sagt:

      Hello Miss Simon,
      thank you for visiting our website and your request.
      Since we started breeding last year we currently have no horses for sale.
      Hopefully we will have some baby-horses next year in spring.
      If you like, follow us either on our website or on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NTH.Ranch/)
      Thank you, and let´s stay in touch.

  2. Ullu Velez sagt:

    El Ranchito Walkers ( Tennessee Walking Horses)
    I have a number of Tennessee Walking Mares for sale. Some are pregnant for a June foal. Do to health reasons I need to reduce my herd. I have been breeding and traning for 30 Yrs. I love the TWHorses and I love to always support and breed the rare blood lines( no big lick) or even show champion.Have been collecting you may say some of the Champagne Lines.1 Mare Chiquita can qualify for heritage breed. She is in foal.As you mentioned, you like Turmeric Z.She is bejoutiful.I do have 2 stallions left on the Ranch and also some frozen S.Just ask me questions…

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