2013-12-30 – trail with Steffi – Ausritt mit Steffi

The day after Sun and my arrival, Tom and I went on a 2hr ride with two of his horses.

Tom rode his mare Mounty and I rode his gelding Tigger. They are both Spotted Saddle Horses (TWH crosses) and can therefore perform flat and running walk. Tigger has never been ridden by me before and hasn’t been ridden for around a year. He was relaxed as anything and just enjoyed the ride as if he’d been doing it every day. Mounty was equally relaxed and proved to be a great lead horse. Mounty is taking huge strides due to her size and gaiting ability and Tigger had to watch out in order to keep up at times! 🙂

It was a beautiful and sunny winter day. After a little while Tigger was warmed up and able to take even longer strides, therefore we were able to keep up with Tom and Mounty’s speed. I enjoyed the ride a lot and Tigger was a great companion for it! 🙂 He was happy to be back in the field with his mates after two hours of solid work. Of course the first thing he needed to do was take a looong bath with his Buddy Olly watching him. 😉 Together they walked into the sunset, down the pasture, and grabbed some hay..

Needless to say, Tom always spoiled us all with his amazing cooking skills and so we humans also had a nice end of the day!



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  1. Steffi
    2. Januar 2014

    Mounty and Tigger waiting to set off – Buddy Olly watching them carefully 🙂


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