2014-01-01 – Neujahrs-Ausritt mit Steffi — New Years trail with Steffi

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

The New Year was introduced with another trail ride. This time it was a real adventure – Sun was „dipped into the deep end“ by doing village training and being the lead as well as the tail end whilst walking through/over sticks and stones again.

This time Tom rode his Criollo gelding Paco. He is such an easy going boy that he didn’t mind wherever Sun was positioned. Paco also must have some gait in him because he was able to set a walking speed that we could only keep up when doing a flat walk.

Due to Sun not being in training I dismounted for passages and then mounted again. She must have tried to be helpful and may have wanted to get home quicker when she decided to get onto the raised bit of the track with me (I was trying to use it as natural mounting aid) ..

When we arrived back at the ranch the street lights had turned on!! Both horses were absolutely fantastic with every siuation and I am starting to fall in love with this mare over and over again. Tom’s horses are all so relaxed and take every situation within a stride. This was the bestest condition to start Sun on trail rides and was the bestest start into 2014 for me.



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