2013-12-31 – New Years Eve trail with Steffi – Sylvester-Ausritt mit Steffi

The third day of my visit was my personal highlight when we decided to go on a ride with my mare Sun in Motion and Tom’s mare Ladonna’s Lady May.

Sun has not been ridden in over 4 months and has not been on a hack in over 1 year due to our „long-distance relationship“ at times. She has never been on a ride with a horse she is not familiar with. We got our horses ready at the tack room and lead them out onto the field to get going. After a few metres we were all surprised by a tractor which had a large pole and a plastic sheet attached to it. The horses spooked a little but were happy to travel onwards. Sun stood still to let me mount and she happily followed May’s lead in a solid flat walk. We went over sticks and stones, through forests and across fields, uphill and downhill.. We were even slowly followed by a Trabi (really old German car) in the forest. They both did brilliantly and were an absolute joy to ride!!

May and Sun never even twitched an ear at each other and were travelling next to each other as if they had been doing it for years. After having ridden flat walk and running walk for one hour we arrived back home and the horses received a treat. Sun was happy to get back to the pasture where Schneewittchen was waiting for her. 🙂

The evening was followed by a little get-together in order to celebrate into the New Year. At 1.30 am we all fell into our beds tired from the day.



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