2013/2014 – Steffi & „Sun in Motion“: journey to England – Reise nach England

– After having thought and dreamt about this for over

ONE year it is finally happening! –

When I bought Pride’s Sun in Motion I kept her in Germany with the idea of moving back there after having finished studying.
Having finished the BSc in Equine Studies I decided to stay longer and do an MSc as well. This required for my horse to join me in the hometown of my choice…
I tried to organise the trip with a transport company but unfortunately none of them were travelling the route they needed to in order to pick up my horse (and me). After posting a question on facebook whether I may know someone who knows a good transport company etc. I received a message from my friend Heike: „Why don’t you ask Tom??“ (her husband)
Having thought about this for one second I came to the conclusion that it would be amazing but it would also be too much to ask of a person, especially if they are living in the other part of the country..
Therefore I sent both of them a message saying how lovely and kind their offer would be but too much to ask.
The following evening I received a call from my friend Tom: „Steffi – I have got it sorted!!!“
I thought`: „Wow, alright, what are we talking about?“ – „Right. So we will come pick you up on the ….“
This was it. It was a perfect plan and Tom gave me his word that I can actually believe it. After so many disappointments I stopped believing in this unless I’d see it with my own eyes…
read more / weiterlesen: Transport Hammerbach – Jemmeritz
(written by Stefanie Spielhaupter)


map-journey to England


Transport Hammerbach – Jemmeritz
trail with Steffi – Ausritt mit Steffi
New Years Eve trail with Steffi – Sylvester-Ausritt mit Steffi
New Years trail with Steffi — Neujahrs-Ritt mit Steffi
Transport Jemmeritz – Meerbusch
Transport Meerbusch – Cambridge

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